Friday, 23 September 2011

Idols of our hearts

Last Sunday at my faith family, our very kind-hearted teaching pastor gave us a ripper of a sermon and it was merely the introduction to the series on Idols. I can't wait for the rest of the series.  I'm going to put some points out for you, but I'd love  you to download Daryl Bay's sermon, this series will last a few weeks, so I'll post the link and some brief notes each week. Please don't read my terribly brief notes and let that put you off Daryl's fabulously honest preaching.

1. What Idolatry is
Ex 20:3 "You shall have no other God's before me."
An idol is ANYTHING that takes the rightful place of God in your life. Idols can be Good or Bad.  We all live for something ... what is that thing in your life.
2. How Idolatry works
Romans 1:18
Idols decieve us.  idols control us by fear "Life will be unbearable if you don't have me."
Ask yourself this question:  "What are my worst nightmares?"
Idols control us by false promises: "I can give you ultimate joy, security and life."
Ask yourself this question; "What are my best day dreams?"
The answer to these two questions will provide you with the answer to know what your own idols are.
3. The way to grow: smashing our idols.
Expose:  Admit it and look for the symptoms.
Repent: See through the lies your idol uses on you.  Repent means "change of mind"
Replace: With a greater love for Jesus and the truth of the gospel.

You can find the sermon on the link below:
Click here for Hope Community Church Sermons
Sermons are on the right hand side of the page.

It would be so much fun for you to join me in learning on this life changing topic.
Feel free to add your insights in the comments section.

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