Sunday, 18 September 2011

Made New 1 John 1:9

There was a white painted wooden table, shiny,  beautifully carved.  Appreciated when new, put in pride of place in the home, cared for, polished, taken care of.  Over time, maybe even many years, this table gets moved from room to room, through out the house.  At some point in time it is placed in the workshop of the property, used as a work bench. The shine has long gone. There are chips of white paint missing, cracks in the wooden surface, knocks off the edges.  Time has worn this table.  As a workbench it gets well used, slowly dust accumulates, grime sticks.  Paint spills, oil smears, knick and dents appear where tools have been dropped on it.  It's filthy and looks of no worth.  The stains and dirt are ingrained.  Yet all it takes is a wipe, an arm that clears the clutter, then another arm to wipe the table clean.  There is no hope for that table, it will forever be marked if not remade.  Our beautiful white table however can be restored, made clean, perfectly clean, like new, no chips, no dents, all stains removed, shiny, as new, even with all our expereinces.

"If we confess our sins He is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

I know the table story isn't the most perfect story to encapsulate the way we were before forgiveness and how we are after we have been forgiven.  It was a picture the Spirit of God gave me during a confession time.  My Dad has a workshop, not unlike a mechanics workshop, that is well used by him and others, his work benches are covered in a layer of grime, it's like dust and dirt has settled on top of a layer of grease and oil, it's a sticky mess,  anything you touch leaves you with grime on your hands, you wipe it off and it smears.  What is needed is hot soapy water with a harsh scrubbing brush to make any change to it.  When I was confessing my sin I had this picture of my sin, then a beautifully carved, shiny perfectly clean and cared for table.  I am no longer a dirty workbench, I'm worthy of the dining room again.  I hope you don't mind my random thoughts I just wanted to share.

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