Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My verdict

The whole of humanity is guilty of crimes against God.  It's called sin, we've all heard of it, from Adam and Eve to you and I.
It would be so much easier for me to understand someone taking the punishment for a man's crimes, if that man stops his criminal behaviour, but I can't imagine anyone offering to take the punishment of a man who continues to do the same crimes over and over again, seemingly without thought or remorse, or at best temporary remorse.
Jesus took our sin punishment even though he knew our chequered past and our inconsistent future. Jesus took the punishment on the cross knowing we would never grasp the full extent of God's grace offered so freely to us. Yet despite our sinfulness and our lack of understanding, He did it.  We sinned, He took our verdict,  He paid the price, and we get released, we get the freedom.
We got an amazing deal - not only a life fulfilled but then eternal life with someone who loves us that much.  Amazing.

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