Monday, 17 October 2011

Idol of Control

Idol of Control. John Frizzelle
Hope Community Church 
October 15th 2011

Statements that may identify the idol of control in your life:
-          I feel safe if I am in control.
-          I am confident in my abilities, I’m not so sure of anyone else’s
-          I can’t stand it when I’m in a car but not driving
-          I rarely think I’m wrong
-          I don’t like people touching my stuff
-          I don’t take it lightly when people disagree with me
-          Other peoples messes really bother me
-          When I’m watching TV with other people, I always have to have the remote
-          I have this compulsion within me to take charge – to bring order out of chaos
-          I have lots of rules that I live by and that I demand of my family – rules to maintain order and control

If a number of these statements ring true for you, then there may be cause for reflection.

Thomas J. Schumacher concludes that “control freaks are not trying to hurt you by their behaviour – they’re trying to protect themselves.”

Biblical examples;
1. Rich business man in Luke 12:16-21
Rich man speaks of himself 16 times in those 5 verses. He thought life was all about “me”! 
The rich man focused on his own plans, controlling his business in the bountiful harvest. He was serving himself not God.  He wanted full command over his own life.
Control is seductive. The rich man placed all value on his possessions and pleasure, he elevated the value to the place above God and eternity.
2. Abraham, Gen 15
A natural leader, told by God he would have many descendents. Abraham waited, yet nothing happened so he took matters into his own hands. Suggested he adopt a servant as heir – God said no.
Sarah gave him Hagar, and Ishmael was born – God said no.
Then God gave them Issac.  When Issac was older God said sacrifice him. God was giving a big lesson in control and surrender.

God is in control
When we try control our lives, God can use the mess, the hurt and frustration to confront us with the reality that we are not in control, but He is.
We can gain no power, no control,  in this life. Jesus stood at the bow of a boat in a storm and told the wind and the sea to be still – it did. Matt 8:27
We need to move from control to surrender.  God calls us to lay up treasure in heaven, to be rich toward God, to trust Him with your future, your life.  As you do this you will beat back the idol of control and find rest in Jesus.

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