Friday, 21 October 2011

Idols of our hearts: Review so far

"The Rugby World Cup has started, and it's a season for spiritual growth at Hope Church! Why do we get so angry and bitter about little things? What drives us to sacrifice the most important things in our lives like family and relationships? What addicts us to things like porn, gossip and even good things like financial prosperity? The Bible's answer for this is simple: idols. Idols are so much more than little statues or a sports trophy. Idols enslave us. They deceive us and steal our joy. That's why the Bible repeatedly warns us against them (Exodus 20:1-6; Romans 1:18-23; 1 John 5:24). Join us at Hope during September and October as we expose the idols in our lives, the lies they tell us, and how the power of the gospel sets us free to enjoy and and serve the one true God." (

Coming up this Sunday:
 Your Heart is an Idol Factory with Teaching Pastor Daryl Bay

A review of the weeks before:
Week One: 18 Sept 2011.
    Idols of the Heart - Exodus 20:1-6, Romans 1:18-32 by Daryl Bay
Week Two: 25 Sept 2011.
    Idol of Acceptance and Approval - 1 Cor 4:1-5 by Daryl Bay
Week Three: 02 Oct 2011.
    Idol of Security - Romans 8 by Daryl Bay
Week Four: 09 Oct 2011.
    Idol of Comfort and Pleasure by Daryl Wehner
Week Five: 16 Oct 2011.
    Idol of Control by John Frizelle

This series has had a huge impact on many folks I have spoken with.  It's a powerful, probably because if we can master our desires and insecurities, if we can identify the idols of our hearts we are half way towards breaking those strong holds.  Then ... oh boy what kind of a life would we lead?! When we idolise the Creator of the Universe rather than weak, non-sustaining, empty, worthless idols, we are in the place of our destiny. It's a good place.

If you would like to listen any of these sermons download sermons here.  It's not over, keep an eye on the next two weeks of sermons.  I will continue to post sermon notes and links.  I pray you will be as blessed as well all have been. It's a bit ouchy, confronting emptiness and pointlessness in our lives is never fun, but it's all good learning. Be Blessed.

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