Monday, 31 October 2011

Idols of our hearts - Your treasures, your heart

Your Treasure, Your Heart
Sermon by Daryl Bay, Teaching Pastor at Hope Community Church. October 30th, 2011.

Matt 6:19-34
Luke 12:31-34

The Rugby World Cup is over for another 4 years, and the New Zealand  All Blacks hold the trophy until then! Better than that Jesus is alive and at work in our lives. Today we are talking about what Jesus calls "our hearts treasure".  Everyone has one.  Do you know what your's is?

Matt 6:19-22
ONE: everyone lives for some kind of treasure. (v19-22)
family, success, money, pleasure, control, approval, acceptance, love, popularity.  Some of these are even good things, but when they become your treasure they take over your life and become dangerous.  Why dangerous...because, they are not guaranteed.  They will let you down.  Loved ones pass away, jobs are made redundant  money dwindles, pleasure satisfies only for a moment, control can disappear, approval and acceptance are controlled by others, love can leave, popularity changes.
TWO: your treasure controls your heart (v21)
It's like a car and trailer, wherever the car goes the trailer follows.  Wherever your treasure is, whatever you desire most, your heart will earnestly seek it.
THREE: your heart controls your life.
Once your heart is fixated on your treasure, your life then begins to revolve around it, getting it, maintaining it, keeping it, saving it, working it, delighting in it, showing it off, wanting more of it. It becomes what you think on ... so what is it...

> Therefore, do not worry (Matt 6:25).  What we worry about indicates what our treasure is.
> You can't serve both God and money (Matt 6:24) What we invest our money into is our treasure.

Do you know what your treasure is?

Once you have identified what your treasure is; two questions for you to think on;
1. Is your treasure worth it?
2. Will your treasure last?

We need to find a treasure that lasts, a treasure that is beyond good, that is great!  That treasure is Jesus and only Jesus.  Why?  Because every treasure you have controls you, it makes me sacrifice for it, it demands of you.  Jesus is the only treasure that gives, He sacrificed for you, He gave his life, he demands nothing of you but your love, He does not seek to control and manipulate you, He works in your life to make you better. He gave everything for you.  He takes nothing but your sin.  That's better than wealth, success, popularity, pleasure, control and approval.

Why settle for good when you can have great!
To listen to this sermon click here .  As great as it is to think about others who would benefit from hearing this,  and you are free to share it, it is important that we don't forget to think how this message could be relevant to us, where we are walking today.  I hope this blesses you greatly.

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