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Your Heart is an Idol Factory

Your Heart is an Idol Factory
Hope Community Church October 23, 2011
Sermon by Daryl Bay

This is week 1 in summary of the series on Idols.  This summary focuses on those who have made Christ Lord of the lives.  Next week will be another conclusion with a focus mostly for those who are yet to make Christ Lord of the lives. (stay tuned)

Col 3:1-6
The two key points in these verses are; set your hearts, set your minds.

Step One: Expose
How you identify your idols, exposing them is vital, three ways to expose them;
a. Your best dreams "what's your happy place?"
b. Your worst nightmares "if 'this' were to happen I could never have a full life."
c. Your out of control moments, identifying what that something is that is happening deep down underneath your explosions.
V5 talk about wanting something more than God.  The original word used for evil was out of control.  So we can see the writer talking about 'out of control' desires being idols.

Step Two: Repent
Repentance is not feeling guilty - it's having a change of mind that produces a change in life. Idols have a power  that controls and enslaves us, they deceive us by telling lies that we believe.
Repentace is less like feeling guilty about yourself, and more like getting to the place where you can look at your idol and say;
"You're a liar, you can't give what you promise, you never satisfy, I won't have it anymore!"
When idols are good things like; having someone love you, successful career, raising a godly family.  repentance is being able to say;
"I love you, You are wonderful.  But you can never be my life or my god."
When we chase after idols not only are we putting a value that is out of balance, we are also saying to Christ, "Lord Jesus, you are not enough.  This idol is more beautiful, more desirable more fulfilling than you."

Step Three: Replace
(Most IMPORTANT step)
Exposing is good, Repenting is good, but if we don't replace our idols we will keep fighting ourselves as we chase after them.
How do we replace our idols.  This is the heart of one of the biggest mistakes that many Christians make.  We define our Christian lives in a negative way.
Being  a Christian isn't about what we don't do.  It's about who we love. If we love Christ we will crowd out our love for idols.
Key 1 - Replace your love for idols by stiring up a deeper, more passionate, love for Jesus Christ.
Here are two questions that we should ask ourselves;
a. What robs you of your love, your affections for Christ?
b. What stirs your love, your affections for Christ?
Think about it.  Be very honest.
Answers to question a. might be, tv, too much time online, holding grudges, pornography, pretending your spiritually together. What is it that robs you of your love for Christ?
Now answers to question b. might be, studying God's Word, great books, sermons, conversations with good friends about God, listening to praise music. What is it that stirs your love for Christ?
Key2 - Replace you hope in idols by rejoicing in the thing that the gospel gives you that idols can't. JESUS.

Thinking back on the idols we have covered this past month:
The idol of approval: The approval God gives me in Christ is better than the approval any person could give me - boss, spouse, critic, children, whoever.
The idol of security: The security God's love gives me is so much more permanent than the security anything in this world offers me.
The idol of pleasure: The joy that Christ gives me is so much longer lasting than the temporary pleasure of this world.
The idol of control: Entrusting ourselves to a loving, wise, creator is so much sweeter than my weak attempts to be in control of my life.

If you would like to listen to the sermon by Teaching Pastor Daryl Bay click here

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