Monday, 14 November 2011

Crazy Love

Anyone ever read a book that others were raving about and just didn't get the same reaction.  I have heard nothing but good things about this book.  People even like it on Facebook, it has it's own page, it's that good to them.  At my church groups are studying it, it's that good to them.  So some think it's really good.  Not so much me...

I got some good nuggets from it, numerous thoughts to ponder.  But something about the style it was written in made me feel constantly reprimanded and not just me but all church goers.  If it wasn't in the title of this page, you would probably never guess that I'm referring to Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  It's a surprise isn't it?   I got some good points, but mostly I felt like I was getting a right royal telling off.  Maybe I needed it!

Maybe if I'd persevered and finished the book I may have had a revelation through his words.  But I didn't preserve, I quit because I didn't like it.  I wonder how much learning I have missed through unfinished books.  I also wonder if Pastor Chans' style put anyone else off?

Time is precious, and I'm not one to condemn people for being selective, time is hard to come by for many of us, we don't want to waste many hours of our life reading bad literature.  This book I was learning from, I just didn't like the style at all. Makes you wonder what I could have learnt if I had finished it.

If you have read Crazy Love by Francis Chan all the way through, and you have time to let me know what you got out of it, and what I missed, that would be great. Maybe I will humble myself and receive the telling off and a whole bunch of learning I should have preserved with in the first place.

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