Saturday, 7 January 2012


5 Weeks away from home, and 3 weeks to go.  This is an amazing holiday of a lifetime, the things we are seeing, the places we are going, friends we are visiting, family we are catching up with, it's all good.  However I'm ready for home now. I miss my family and friends, my home, my cat (my husband doesn't miss the cat), I miss Steph my favourite barista from my favourite Cafe.

Home. What is home for you?  Is it a place, routine, people, smells, sights, food, or animals?  What makes home, home for you?  I don't think we really understand the answer to this question until we leave home and desire to return.  Then when we return we quickly slot right back into our version of 'normal' and forget what we were longing for.

Contentment. I guess this is what is rolling around in my head at the moment. How content are you were you are right now?  5 Years ago we moved home from the UK, were we had spent 2 years, when we got home to New Zealand, life wasn't as easy as I had expected. Could have had something to do with a insomniac baby.  A wise and highly respected lady at my faith family once said "Bloom where you are planted."  It's probably a over used pintrest picture now, but 5 years ago it was fresh to me and it really changed the way I viewed where I was and what I was doing.

Contentment is powerful in our hearts.  Bloom where you are planted.  I'm not an expereinced gardener, I grow veggies, some can be raised from seeds and then planted in soil, some have to be planted straight into the soil.  No matter where you are planted, and even if it is for only a season, bloom.  Plants need sun and water to grow.  I know I wither when I am not in God's word, and on holiday is a difficult time for me, as I love my routine of getting up early to spend time in God's word.  With jet-lag and late nights, I have fallen from my routine.  I can feel myself wilting.  Do you know what I mean?  Contentment and blooming under the sustenance of God seem to go hand in hand for me. Are you content where you are now?  Are you getting the sustenance you require to bloom? I'm not into new years resolutions, daily resolutions work better for me.

What do you resolve today?


What do you think?