Tuesday, 24 January 2012


2012. I'm not a new years resolutions kind of person.  Some folks are, which is great for them, I assume they are either high achievers who attain their resolution or relaxed sorts who don't mind if their resolutions gets lost in the days ahead.  Then there are some (ME), who don't like to fail, so don't make resolutions in the first place. Change can happen without new years resolutions, sometimes change creeps up and shouts "Boo!", and you nearly wet yourself. Sometimes for the bad, sometimes for the good.

I guess over the past 6 months I can honestly say that life has changed for me.  God has given me the shake up of my life.  It all started with one small decision.  My faith family was offering a evening women's bible study. I thought, I should do that, might be fun, definitely be good for me, a chance to go out for some 'me' time, spend time with other women.  I'll sign up.  I dithered and dithered some more and then finally at the last moment, I did it, I put my name down. First week I was out of my comfort zone.  It's not always a bad thing.

From then on, boo! I was on an exciting process of change.  Mostly God has been teaching me about perspective.  I wonder how many of us think we are on the right path, yet something within us knows we have the map upside down?  I think that is how my life was before I got a little perspective.  I was humming along in a state of contented discontentment, doing, attending, singing, listening, helping, serving, encouraging. Yet if I'm honest with myself and you, I had no perspective.

A few weeks ago a heard a preacher who spoke about how when he is running, he will have the radio on, sometimes he goes out of range and all he hears is static.  He asked the question, how many of us live our lives listening to static rather than tuning into God?  Poignant question. Boy did I get this.  I had lived most of my life listening to static, tuned out to God.  Tuned out because I wasn't tuned in to His Word.

Every now and then I will get a huge dose of perspective, and everything seems pointless without God. The fog will lift and I will see eternity for a fraction of a moment. In this moment my fears of talking about Jesus and what He has done in my life disappear, and I want to grab the next person that walks past and tell them "Jesus will never let you down, He is not selfish, hurtful or mean, He thinks more of you than you will know".  then the moment fades and the fog settles, not as low as last time but the fog is still there.  I'm thankful for these lucid moments, they are coming more frequently, the more I spend time learning about God the more questions I have but strangely there is perspective in that.

Do you want to get perspective in your life for who God is, who you are and what you are here for.  You need to know you are triumphant servants of God, desired by Him and known by Him.  Do you know you are known by God? Do you know that God knows about your anxiety, self medicating, sin, masks, fears, pain, history?  Did you know he gives a rip? He wants to turn your map around.

Since we have been travelling in the UK we have had the need for satellite navigation, which we now refer to as Thomas. We have been so grateful for Thomas at times, at other times, we have got the feeling we are being taken on the scenic route to our given destination, normal this occurs when we have time restraints.  Often we mutter "where is Thomas taking us now?" In our lives we needn't sit back and let the journey roll, we can chose to grab the map and take control of the direction we are heading. I bleat on and on about this, but I can't stress it enough and I pray the Holy Spirit is working for you to hear these words; read God's Word, study with other believers, join a group and together get into God's Word. It took me a long time to hear and listen, and I guess God must have got bored of talking to me and me hearing static, as it feels like I fell upon this perspective thing sort of by accident, I know that's not true, but I guess it just goes to show God is creative at getting your attention.  He wants you to let Him love you. He wants you to get to know Him.  You see His Word - It's the map.

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