Friday, 13 April 2012

Bear Grylls talks about faith, family and Alpha Courses

My two boys find Bear Grylls shows to be the ultimate in entertainment.  They have become so much more adventurous and their play has become all about snares, shelters, collecting water, and killing things to eat. At dinner time, I've often found myself challenging a moment of picky eating with "Bear Grylls would eat it".  This guy is loved by many and loved to be loathed by many.  Some find him annoying, Me?  I'd prefer my kids were watching Bear Grylls than Ben 10. A modern day adventurer, with faith in God. Sounds good to me. But that's just my opinion.  

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  1. Hello Ingrid Judy & I look forward to reading your blog as often as it`s published & hopefully will catch up on previous ones.
    give our love ,lots of kisses & hugs to the three men in your life.
    God bless,Grandpa Wally.


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