Monday, 21 May 2012

Drifting along?

Drifting upon a tide. A nice thought to some who perhaps have parameters for the idyllic picture of drifting on a tide.  For those who have been at the mercy of the ocean, rather more terrifying pictures are conquered up by the phrase.

Hebrews 2:1 
"We must pay more careful attention, 
therefore, to what we have heard, 
so that we do not drift away."

The author of Hebrews uses the word drift or more correctly the Greek word pararreo, which the New Strong's huge concordance defines as "to find oneself flowing, gliding, or passing by without giving heed to a thing."  The key Word Study bible concisely puts it "to drift away, flow past, slip away."

I was listening to a downloaded message by Carolyn McCulley, She was speaking at a conference (New Attitude 2004), as part of her message she dropped in this statement;

"When we are drifting, we are not drifting towards God."

Out of her hour long message, this brief statement spoke volumes to me.  Drifting appears so innocuous.  Just cruising along in our faith walk is not the picture of dreamily floating on a calm ocean. Cruisng in our faith looks more like being taken further and further from the safety of the beach in a boat with no ores.  Still sound dreamy?  I'm starting to feel seasick.

"Lapse from truth and goodness is more often the result of inattention than of design. 
Drifting is a mark of death: giving heed, of life." 
(Vincent's Word Study)

I normally write a post then publish my thoughts that day, or if it's an article, it's published the first Sunday of the month. This post I started late last week, then wanted to percolate it in my mind.  And so it was really no surprise that Sunday's sermon was on the money!  The sermon titled Submission to Jesus  by our senior pastor was on Luke 9:18-22.  The message included this statement; "casual Christian" is an oxymoron.   How can we be casual about what Jesus Christ did for us.  We are called to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him. Luke 9:23.  As a response of love for His love and grace for us.  Deny, take up and follow are all verbs, an active response to love.  In the next verse in Luke, we are told that "whoever loses his life will save it."  As if grace in abundance and love beyond measure is not enough, we get eternity, starting now, with Christ, the One who loves us most.  Fullness of life.  Do we even realise how blessed we are?  Do we realise how much He loves us? Do we respond as if we understand His love?  I don't - I admit it.  I keep learning, so I can know His love, I don't want to want things in this life, I want to want for His life, fullness of life.

Weighing up drifting through life, going backwards, or enjoying our Love ... shall we choose joy in Christ Jesus our ultimate lover?

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