Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elyse Fitzpatrick was news to me

Have you heard of Elyse Fitzpatrick?  She was not on my radar until this past Tuesday, when I received a disk full of her teaching.  I've only listen to 2 of her messages so far, and from what I have heard, I'm missing something.

I tried to talk to a friend about it, but I think I may have chosen the wrong friend, or the wrong day for the right friend, either way, the message that was delivered, somewhat poorly was not well received. And what is the message? Well it's simple really. Christianity is all about Jesus' love for us. His love, His work, His life, His gift, His incarnation, His death, His resurrection, His ascension. It's all about Jesus.  Which probably isn't news to you.  I guess for me the bit that resonates is that my view of it, is that my faith is all about me.  I was save by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and now I try to be the best person I can be to honour God.  See the problem with that is that I'm making it all about me.  It's not about me, it's about Jesus.  I'm pretty sure that I am meant to be getting it through my head but more importantly my heart that Jesus loves me.  

It hasn't just been Elyse Fitzpatrick who has been speaking this message into my life.  We have just finished a sermon series called Love Struck, at my home church.  And I've just listened to a sermon series by Beth Moore from called Measureless Love.  So I think something is going on.  I think this saturation is  starting me get me moving in a direction I am unfamiliar with, and I am so excited.  

A good part way through last year (2011), a spiritual enlightenment happen that I can not, to this day, explain.  My faith changed.  I was someone who attended church, enjoyed church, was involved in church in numerous ways.  I loved God, I loved to worship Him, singing praise to His name.  I got so excited when others came to faith in Christ.  Church life was my life.  People knew I was a church goer upon our first meeting, I'd always drop it in there somewhere.  It was a good life, but it was nothing compared to what I have now.  And I'll tell you, none of those things have changed, none of them.  But something else has.  I am ravenous for God's Word.  Out of no strength or wisdom of my own, I spend all my spare time listening to sermons, reading God's Word, doing bible studies.  Now, let me tell you for the record that before 'the change' I would dust my bible off every Sunday morning before church.  The thought of getting up to have a quiet time last year, well, it was just a thought, then 'the change' and I started getting up an hour earlier, but it turned out to be not enough time, so I had to take my alarm back an extra half an hour.

What has changed?  Nothing and everything.   I have found myself enjoying God, His Word and His Spirit. Actually enjoying Him.  This is not me, I have done nothing to 'make' this happen.  I have no clue what happened to me.  I just know, He's so good.  He loves me, this part ... I'm still coming to grips with His love for me. But I think when I do, there is going to be an even greater shift in my head and heart.  I know He's preparing me, I don't believe in coincidence. Jesus' love bombarding me from every angle ... some things up.  

So google Elyse Fitzpatrick, search Hope Community Church Love Struck sermons and take at look at for Beth Moores messages.  Don't take my word for it, join the feast in God's Love.

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