Friday, 30 November 2012

A God of Details

I have been a Christian for a number of years now and at times in the past I admit some strange theology has bubbled to the surface in my life.  I’ve come to see it now as ‘pick and mix’ theology because it is based on things I want to excuse in my own life!  (Gasp – you heard right and I’m sure I’m not the only one). One of my big ones is thinking God is just a big picture God. He isn’t interested in the mundane of my life, where I live, what job I work at, who I marry, how many kids I have, how much I spend on toys, what I watch on TV, what I feel on the inside or how I hold onto hurt.

Recently the more I have thought about this, the more I have realised that right there is where something good has spoilt.  You know as well as I do that God is a big picture God, but I was in the habit of reducing Him to being an either/or kind of God.  He can’t be big picture and be interested in the tiny details at the same time can he?  I mean as Christians don’t we spend a lot of our brain’s energy on trying to fathom God? He’s Love and Justice, Peace and Righteousness, Holy and Jealous, over all and yet in all.  Okay, let’s give our brains a breather for today and rather than one or the other, let’s just enjoy all of these things about the character of our God.

A closer look into the character of God soon convinces us that he is interested in us.  We know he loves us, more than that, he is love. We know he’s our Creator because we live in His world.  So why is it we often feel like he’s not really that interested in what we do or who we are?  He wants us in His family, but the rest of what we do, well, he’s not really that bothered, as long as we try hard not to sin!! Right?

He’s bothered alright!  How can I be so sure? Did you know that God measured the earth when he created it?  He is speaking to Job in response to his questions “Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me. “Where were you when I laid the earths foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Who marked off it’s dimensions?  Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it?” Job 38:3-5.

In his book “Everything is Spiritual” Rob Bell talks about how precise the earth is:
It is 93 million miles from the sun. 92 million miles or 94 million miles and there would be no life on planet earth. The earth is made up of 21% Oxygen. If it were 22% or 23% there would be no life. The ocean is made up of 3.4% salt which is exactly the same percentage as our blood stream.  If it were 2.4% or 4.4% there would be no life. Hydrogen must convert 0.007 of its mass to helium to sustain life on earth. 0.008 or 0.006 and there is no life on earth. If we had no moon, there would be no life on earth.
 Does that sound precise to you?  Is that attention to detail or what?  Now read what the Bible has to say about God’s attention to detail;

God is giving instruction on building the ark of the covenant “Have them make a chest of acacia wood – two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.” Exodus 25:10.

God is giving Noah the exact dimensions of the ark to carry the animals “This is how you are to build it; The ark is to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Make a roof for it and finish the ark to within 18 inches of the top. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks.” Genesis 6:15-16.

Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit, to live inside us. How’s that for intimate!! No one has gotten more intimate with you than the Spirit of the Living God. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you forever – the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him, for he lives with you and will be in you.” John 14:16-17.

God is interested in the detail of your life. 
·         He’s interested in your business because he cares if you are unable to pay your bills. 
·         He’s interested in your marriage and he doesn’t just want you to stay married, he wants you to have a marriage filled with love. 
·         He’s interested in your teenagers and he wants to bring you all through the excitement and upheavals that life brings.
·        He’s interested in your mental health and he wants you to depend on Him when the times are dark or when you feel it’s hopeless. 
·         He’s interested in your garden because he delights to bring you joy. 
·         He is interested in your friendships because he wants you to honour Him in them all.

God is our Lord and intimate friend, our daily guide in life. He longs for us to share our life with Him. Every aspect of our lives, not just the big picture stuff either. Our daily walk means, each step, in step with Him.  He delights in each step of our day. He delights in bringing abundance, joy, comfort, love and passion to our living. Allowing Him to intimately pour out His love into our spirits in every situation is life giving.   He’s overwhelmingly interested in the details of your life.  He is the God of every detail! 

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