Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Eight year olds theology

My husband and I are on a journey. We are seeking and in the beginning stages of learning about the Holy Spirit and the filling of his power for those who believe on Jesus Christ as Saviour. I was asked earlier this week whether I had spoken to our boys about what we had been learning.

Ninja - 8 year old son, eldest, thinker, perfectionist, lego lover, dead keen on being a Ninja when he grows up, or a Zoologist.
Sumo - 6 year old son, youngest, doer, effervescent, lego lover, keen on being a Sumo Wrestler when he grows up, or working at KFC, so he told me last year.

I took an opportunity for a brief discussion with my two boys during our devotions one morning at the start of our school time.  Ninja was interested in the gifts of the Spirit and I was telling him about Pentecost and tongues of fire (Acts 2), speaking in tongues and the like, it was a very simple conversation, I didn't want to freak him out. I was telling him how speaking in tongues can be a public gift or a personal prayer language, a time when your own spirit communes with the Holy Spirit, in a language you don't know or understand - then he nailed it.
He said "it's like a secret code between your heart and God's."
I was taken back. I smiled, "Yes, I think it is just like that!"

I should talk to this boy more about theology, because he pulled another one out on me tonight, Ninja and Sumo share a room, and Sumo said he was scared of monsters.  After a little discussion, Sumo told me that Satan was telling him about the monsters.
I said "we need to pray to Jesus and then tell Satan to go away in Jesus name" and then I proceeded to lamely add " Ninja is here to protect you".
Ninja piped up and said "Don't worry, God's got a force field around you, Satan can't hurt you."

From secret codes to force fields, children understand theology more than we know.

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