Thursday, 20 June 2013

Christian Family Resources Part 2 - Gotta Have God Devotionals

Over the last few years, I have come across some great resources for families, churches, small groups, mentoring, or self-study.  
Introducing: Gotta Have God Devotionals

Okay, so after purchasing a red bike for our 9 year olds birthday, we wanted to get him something that would feed him spiritually.  I got this one, due to the red bike, thought he would appreciate the connection - not sure he did.  But I got a kick out of it.

These brief studies are something they can do on their own with their Bible.  Our family rule in the mornings is no getting up before 7am, but they can turn their lights on and read at 6.45.  Please don't tell me your children sleep in until 8am, I'm not interested nor the slightest bit jealous. My youngest son was so excited this morning because he woke at 5.58 "that was nearly 6am Mum."  So this time works for our family.  As parents we try to be good examples by doing this as well, although we are allowed to get up a little earlier for Bible study or exercise.

This study is short, and snappy, and can pack a punch with the thought provoking questions it offers.  My critical thinking 9 year old thinks these devotionals are awesome.

Highly Recommend

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