Thursday, 8 August 2013

Christian Family Resources - Part 14 - Dinosaurs from a Biblical Perspective

Over the last few years, I have come across some great resources for families, churches, small 
groups, mentoring, or self-study. 

Introducing: Dinosaurs from a Christian Perspective

As a parent I want my children to grow up to understand God's creation.  When I grew up dinosaurs were still somewhat regarded as mythical - granted it was a wee while ago, but also I grew up in a family who didn't really push science. Which didn't really stand me in good stead when facing science at school.  

Now that I have two boys who have educated me, I actually have a favourite dinosaur; pachycephalosaurus, it walked on 2 legs and looked like it has a helmet on it's head. After a little education from Christian books on dinosaurs, I wonder exactly when dinosaurs actually became extinct.  Were they in the Bible, called Behemth and Leviathan (Job 40 & 41)?  Were they used by ancient civilisations reigning monarchs as a show of strength? Are there ancient paintings on cave walls of dinosaurs?  Some of the evidence is quite convincing.

Our bookshelves have many dinosaur books on them, very few of them are Christian, so when I come across Christian books on dinosaurs I snap them up. I personally don't have a problem with secular science books, as they provide great talking points with my boys. The millions of years doesn't put me off, as they will face these figures their whole life and will need to be able to understand creation, evolution, old earth, young earth theories.  The one thing I reinforce as we read, is that the most important thing about creation is the WHO, not the how.  And the WHO of creation is God.  How He created is a mystery to me, when He created is a mystery to me, but I know He created.

Two Dinosaur books I can highly recommend are;
Dinosaurs Unleashed by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons
Dinosaurs by Design by Duane Gish

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