Friday, 30 August 2013

I wonder ...

I'm currently participating in a women's study at our church, we are working through the Beth Moore, David study.  It's good.  I love they way she jumps around the Bible, yet it kind of annoys me at the same time, I feel like I spend so much time flicking through the pages, yet ... at the end of my first Beth Moore Bible study I knew my Bible like never before.

I realised this week that I often read the Bible like I read a novel, or any other book.  I assume the facts are all there, that what happened is all written down for me to understand.  What I failed to realise is that the Bible tells us what we need to know, however it doesn't tell us all that happened, or all there is to know. Some times more is said through what is not said. That sound cryptic doesn't it?

Please don't freak, I'm not denying the Bible is God breathed.  I totally believe it is.  All I'm saying is I have been reading it as if all that happened is within the pages.

Case in point:  "David thought to himself, 'One of these days I will be destroyed by the hand of Saul.  The best thing I can do is to escape to the land of the Philistines.'" 1 Samuel 27:1.  Beth Moore points out in the study that there is no reference to David seeking God on this matter, he 'thought to himself'.  She then goes on "We have no way of knowing how God responded to his (David's) alliance with the Philistines.  To be sure, God had an opinion.  However, He kept the matter between Himself and David at this time."

This got me thinking, clearly there are things about God I don't know - clearly!  But it seems there are things in God's Word that aren't stated but are still fact.  This may not to be a fresh revelation to you, but for me to be able to read the Bible as a historical book, a personal letter, a divine revelation, and yet understand there is so much that has not been said, not been revealed, not been suggested, forces me to trust the author so much more.

It actually makes me long for greater understanding, greater revelation, greater personal relationship.  It's a teaser, I now feel like I need to reread the Bible. I had blinkers on when I've been reading it before.  I saw it as purely factual and it is, but it's not all the facts.  God had an opinion on David's decision to flee to Philistines land, imagine that, yet I'd not even considered it.  He has an opinion on my decisions too.  Not sure I had considered that either.

I guess it has got me asking, 'I wonder...'

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