Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Laundry Life Lessons

We all know inspiration comes in many forms.  Laundry, the ordinary old washing, has reduced me to tears, and made me laugh at myself. Taking time to be moved by the ordinary is a gift.

I wear hoodies, I know, I'm nearly 40 and it's probably a little sad. I'm not trying to appear younger than I am, I've tired to move over to the more age appropriate cardy's. I do wear cardy's every now and then, but 99% of the time I wear hoodies, I just like them.  In years passed I have proven they are somewhat dangerous to wear when your very young children leave you sleep deprived and absent minded. Over the course of 2007 I washed 3 mobile phones in my hoody pouch pockets, a lesson in checking pockets.

The other day I spent the day busy with life, jobs and things, taking myself ever so seriously. As the temperature rose, I pealed off the hoody layer; hold t-shirt down, get arms out, all off except over the head, which I have to work my way over my glasses because I'm too lazy to take them off, even though that would be way easier. Pull it off, only to find a sock balled up in the hood. I'd been wearing it all day, in public, even to the shops and visiting friends.  I could only laugh at myself.  That sneaky little sock stowed away in my hood, waiting to teach me to laugh at myself when I get too serious about life. A lesson I need often.

This other lesson, you will have all experienced, unless you are at the utmost quadrant of particular with your washing, I am not, I'm in the utmost quadrant of lazy with my washing. Having said that there is always one top you never wish to end up in a dodgy wash cycle.  You take great care that this top never goes in with a towel, a rogue rag or even a sneaky face cloth.  Yet it is always the top that ends up in the wash with the dreaded tissue.

We line dry where I live, the dryer is only for extreme weather conditions, so out I go this particular morning to hang out the load, which I have already noticed has succumbed to a dreaded tissue, I hang New Zealand merino's (small plug for NZ wool), little jeans, medium jeans and tall jeans, socks and shirts shaking as I go. There it is, the special black, anything and everything clings to top.  I shake, and shake and shake, and resign myself to hours of picking off bits of tissue when it is dry.  Then I notice the ground, the grass is covered in tiny white shreds, the contrast of white tissue on green is the closest I'll get to snow covering the ground in my back yard. It really is quite beautiful.

The beauty in the annoying, it's not devastating, it really is just annoying, but even in this, there is beauty. I'm not going to over work this, I'm sure you get the idea. Time to pull out my Gratitude Journal and record my thankfulness to the gifts of beauty.

Learning to laugh at your serious self. Finding beauty in the annoying.

That old saying the 'Lord works in mysterious ways', well if he works through laundry, then I'd say they nailed it with that saying.

The Lord works in the ordinary too, if only we pause long enough to see and hear.  Take time today, check your schedule and work in some time to ponder the mysteries God is teaching you through the ordinary.

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