Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Have you ever prayed for revival?   When was the last time you heard revival prayed for in our bible studies, Sunday services, or our prayer gatherings? Maybe it’s only the Welsh with their delightfully lilting accents that God in His sovereignty has blessed with revival but somehow I don’t think so.

Thinking on this whole topic of revival got me searching for the truth in my own life.  Do I pray for revival? Not really. So why not? After a long time deliberating, I’m humbled to admit that I don't pray for revival because I don't know what it would look like and I like things how they are thank you very much.  There I said it!  I know it's selfish and I have confessed to my heavenly Father who initially gave me the revelation about the possibility of revival.

I wonder what revival would look like in our faith family. This is an exciting thought don't you think? Revival is about regeneration not discomfort or displacement, as I may have once feared in my mediocre religiosity. A while back I may have been concerned that I may not get to sit on the row of chairs I normally sit on! If revival happens, I may even have to arrive early to get a seat.  How terrible that would be!  

Tears fill my eyes at the many opportunities we have. The potential for loving our community is only a drop in the bucket compared to the opportunities we would have in a revival.  Bruce Milne in “Know the Truth” says “It is doubtful whether there has been any genuine revival in the church over the centuries which has not been preceded and accompanied by fervent personal and corporate prayer.” So I’ll say it again, have you ever prayed for revival?

I have been guilty of complacency and wallowing in the comfortable status quo. I fear I'm not alone in suffering from this debilitating dysfunction?  What got me starting to think about revival was thinking of how glorious heaven will be.  I’m excited about heaven, about what heaven may be like, what opportunities there will be to worship and praise our Father, adore our Saviour Jesus, and immerse ourselves in the Spirit.  We think earth is beautiful and it is, but this is only a fraction of what is to come. We are duped if we think our creative God has created this vibrant earth, but then created a dull and boring heaven! I’ll tell you something for nothing. Heaven will blow your mind, not for its splendour, even though it will be spectacular. It will blow our minds because Jesus will be there, Father God will be there, the Holy Spirit will be there and we will be there. All God’s children together in this beautiful place of perfection constantly praising our Almighty God.  Will my friends, family and community be there?  That question really bothers me.  

Imagine with me for a moment, rush hour traffic in the morning. Cars lined up bumper to bumper, everyone heading in one direction. People getting out of their cars and walking the closer you get to the destination everyone is heading for. A whole host of different modes of transport, just to get to … not to a rugby game. Not this time. … to get to church. Wouldn't that be a sight!?! We all have opinions as to what the problems with our communities are. I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s not the pubs, nightclubs, brothels, TAB or even legislation that is the main problem.  The problem seems to be our apathy toward those who don't know Jesus yet in our community.  If we prayed for revival and it came, would we even have cause for concern about the state of our community?

Join me on our knees (creaking as we get down and creaking more as we get back up again) as we together pray for revival.  Do we want our usual warm pews week after week or do we want to share eternity with those around us?  Let’s pray for the latter.

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