Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Injustice Reconciled

Ninja son read aloud to me a prayer from a book he was reading for home school. 

"God of Justice... We deplore man's inhumanity to man and beast. Without justice and fairness we are hopelessly lost. Help us, we pray, to deal justly in all things. In His name, Amen."

This hit a cord with me this week as on Sunday we heard the testimony of a family who is fighting, truly fighting for justice for a number of men, unable to fight for themselves.  Their testimony of following their conviction against injustice so fervently was a powerful one. 

God has given us all an abhorrence for injustice, we know this by watching young children who prioritise fairness. Maybe over the course of our 'maturing', we inadvertently become desensitised to injustice because it is all around, or all over the news.

To hear this families story and battle, was a powerful testimony of following Jesus.

There is so much injustice in the world.

How do we reconcile this?

Jesus, gift giver extraordinaire, our only Hope for reconciliation.
His birthday is coming up, well, the day we celebrate His birth. I wonder if for a moment we can quiet our hearts and fold up our 'to do' lists, and breath in the Hope of the gift.


At a cost? Not to us. They say there are no free lunches, someone has to pay. Jesus didn't pay the bill for my lunch, he paid the bill for my life.


Even my efforts for goodness or righteousness are repulsive, filthy, staining discharge on rags, and honest representation of a heart and life.(Isa 64:6) 

The cost was high. Because the cause was high. Putrid life for Perfect life.

Christmas, the plan from the beginning is set in motion. Heavenly glory to earthly manger.  Amazing.
From heaven you came helpless babe.

December 25th is a celebration of hope, justice, reconciliation, peace. Lets put the tinsel aside and be found in Him this Christmas.

Follow Jesus.

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