Friday, 17 January 2014

Retreating from Control

I've been absent. And reminded of it from one of my friends and blog readers.  Sorry.

It has been a blessed break. Milestones have clicked over. We've rested and had fun. Summer fun. Southern hemisphere Christmas is hot and we celebrate with a bbq, then berries with pavlova and ice-cream, rather than a roast and hot pudding.

I love summer.

Over recent weeks I've had the pleasure of planning our homeschooling year, which I am calling 2014 Mash up. Yesterday felt like Christmas, as our books began arriving.

I love new books.

So what's to talk about?

Laying it down.

We are waiting for an opportunity to eventuate.  We have been patient, waiting for nearly a year for a green light.

I love waiting. Actually I don't.

Over the last month and a bit, another opportunity arose ... what do you do?  Pray.

And we have.

Both are godly opportunities, both are heading in the similar directions. Plan One requires us to continue to wait. Plan Two means now.

It's a hard place to be. So we pray.
I love uncertainty.  Actually I don't.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend who shared what she had been learning about over the summer break.  "Some things we want to hold tight to, when all we are required to do is lay it down on the alter and tie it on, like Abraham did to Isaac."  As hard as that sounds, I found a huge sense of freedom in it. Abraham knew God, and knew He would provide the sacrifice (Gen 22), yet Abraham was required to do the hard thing, to lay his son down and tie him on.

The freedom is in the uncertainty.  That seems an odd thing to say.

I love that we don't need to be certain.

I love that we don't need to know the outcome.

I love that we don't need to hold tight.

Simply put, we need to lay it down and tie it on. Easy? I didn't say it was easy, just because something is straightforward doesn't make it easy. We aren't called to an easy life, and this world certainly doesn't afford us one.  Simply, lay it down and tie it on. The Father takes care of that which is laid down.

Imagine the place called, "The Lord Will Provide". We get to name our place that, when we lay it down and tie it on, we watch the goodness of God provide, and we name our place "The Lord Will Provide".

No matter what it is you have to lay on the alter, you can trust Him with it. Given to Him, tied on, firmly His, you can trust Him with it. The outcome will be good. You can trust Him.

I love that I can give over my heart to the creator of it.

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  1. Ingrid that was so spot on for this moment in my journey. Thank you for sharing it was so encouraging.


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