Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Parental Understanding

When the day begins or proceeds exactly the opposite from what you had hoped or imagined.

Perfectionist suffers from the fatality of failure, 1 equation wrong wrote the epitaph, death and destruction of his will to try, his will to be taught, trained and moulded.

Perfection + mistake = the homicide of trying. Which in turn became a genocide of love, goodness, joy and peace in the home. Destruction of this kind can be contagious when all are weary and vulnerable.

How can I allow a small body to alter the atmosphere. My buttons get pushed when 9 year olds tell me how to parent with noted observations of how other mothers parent. The ugly comes out in me. He can not see the big picture of who he will become and how today makes a difference.

I hold my head in your hands and wonder how it became this mess.

Then when trying to calm my soul, it just happened to turn up in my inbox, today of all days this ... sometimes all it takes is understanding and a different perspective.

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