Monday, 19 May 2014

Dot to Dot

I wonder if there is anything better than those dot to dot moments in life.  You know the ones, when things connect to form a picture.  Out of seemingly random points comes definition, clarity, in unmistakeable design.  The dot to dots of life.

The page took shape one weekend when the dots starting joining, first with a verse I had never read that way before - dot.

Chapters in a book someone else was trying to read, but I kept stealing glances at every moment I got - dot.

A Womens' conference DVD that was shown earlier in the week at an evening I couldn't attend. A friend had borrowed it and together we were catching up on watching it - dot.

Poignant conversations that expand on thoughts lingering from earlier in the week - dot.

The final dot of the weekend brought all the dots to explicit clarity, the sermon at church Sunday morning - dot.

The picture was beautiful and sacred.

Thank you Lord.

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