Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Ultimate Pension Plan

Some movies leave a lasting impression don’t they. In my case that would have to be “Les Miserable”. Others leave one-liners that last in the memory, like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. Still there are others like “The Princess Bride” that fit well into both categories.

In “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” character Sonny Kapoor says "Everything will be all right in the end and if it's not all right, then it's not yet the end". I love that quote, as do many others who have seen this movie (not recommending the movie, I just like the quote!!)  Why do we all love it? Probably because it brings HOPE.  

I was reading one of the blogs I subscribe to a while ago and the blogger said "Our Employer has a pension plan that is out of this world. It will be worth it in the end!" (I would love to give credit, but can't remember whose blog I read it on)

My dear Dad became a pensioner recently. For the past year he has slowed up some, but now that he has nearly recovered from the surgery on his spine, he is not really slow any more. What we love to tease him about is the fact that he is a pensioner, well at least according to our government’s statistics he is anyway. Whether he feels like it, acts like it, or looks like it, he's a pensioner. Some of us just do not like to think about the inevitable pension plan, while others plan not to stop what they are doing anytime soon. I totally agree. If we are still breathing then we have a job to do. Not so much for an employer, but definitely for our Saviour.  

Our eternal pension plan comes, not when we reach 65 years old, but when we are called home to heaven. Until that time we have to conclude that we are still here because we need to be and we have a job to do.  As we work in response to His love, we can cling to this truthful hope. In the end everything will be alright. In fact better than alright, it will be mind-blowingly astounding. What hope and confidence we have in knowing that whatever we face in life is good in the hands of a good God. If we trust that Jesus is the Son of God who chose to come into this world to show us His unwavering love and grace, to save us from the consequence of our own independent choices and sins. If we believe this and live our lives following his truth, not just in word but in deed, then we have hope for the ultimate pension plan, eternity in the presence of a Holy God. Not just as adopted sons or daughters, but co-heirs with Christ Jesus our Saviour.  

I don't remember any teaching of Jesus that spoke of focusing on self, just taking your 'ticket' and waiting.  Jesus spoke about serving, loving, going, making, doing, being, teaching, disciplining, growing, working with a focus on others, not self.  So how do we live life following Jesus? There is no three point plan or success mantra. Simply put, if you want to live a heartfelt, totally fulfilled life, you need to change your thinking from how to who. Instead of focussing on how, first focus on God, the sovereign Father, the sacrificial Son - Jesus, and the powerful Spirit - the Holy Spirit. Then comes the how. PRAY.  Pray God will change you. Pray God will move you. Pray He will convict you.  Pray for revelation.  Pray for compassion.  Pray for His love to be worked out through you. If we live our lives for God then nothing is wasted, not even the random conversations or things we thought were insignificant. In fact absolutely nothing is wasted when we live for God. It is then that our focus is on the eternal rather than the material. Even the hard times are of great value, ultimately worth “gold” in heaven.  

As fun as great lines in movies are, they have nothing on the truth of God's Word.  Movies entertain us, God's promises and purpose give us hope for our present and our future.

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